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The Secret Weapon Of SEO Experts

New domains take an immense amount of time and effort to rank in search results. Many SEO experts use high-quality, properly vetted, aged domains as a secret weapon to rank higher and faster.

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Our vetted domains have established Trust and Authority with Google. Transfer these metrics to your money site via a 301 redirect, or share the link juice among several sites via a PBN.

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When using a brand new domain, you have to endure the "sandbox" period, which means that no matter how good your site is, it will rank very low in the SERP's for quite some time. Using one of our aged domains for a new money site can help you skip the sandbox.

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Establishing a good, natural backlink profile with dozens or hundreds of Referring Domains usually takes years and tons of outreach. Our domains already have clean, authoritative backlink profiles, saving you loads of time, effort, and money.

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